Laminated Scantling

We offer a wide range of 3 or 4-Ply Glue Laminated Scanting, specifically for the European market.

Specie: Dark Red Meranti

Quality: 2 Faces cleared and better and/or 3 faces cleared

72 x 86 / 115/ 145mm
59 x 70/ 90/ 110mm & etc

Certified KOMO Product

Euro-CGA Sdn. Bhd. is well equipped with a full range of machineries to facilitate the production of defect free optimised components with Komo Certification

This product is well-sought after by window and door producers in Netherlands and it is offered both in Solid Finger-Jointed Laminated in an assortment of specifications.

Species are Dark Meranti, Sapelli and Merbau and are mostly in PEFC, FSC, TLTV and VLO Certification.