Sawn Timber
Costraco sawn timber is world renowned for its high quality and it is sourced from both East and West Malaysia from reputable and reliable sawmills and associate sawmills.

We offer a wide range of commercial species in various specifications and grades in accordance to the Malaysian Grading Rules for the construction, furniture and joinery industries.

Costraco products are available in three different categories:

A) FSC Certified materials
B) PEFC Certified materials
C) Non-certified materials

FSC and PEFC certified materials provide a credible guarantee to stakeholders that products are produced from well managed and sustainable forest area.

  • Gerutu
  • Durian
  • Dark Red Meranti
  • Yellow Meranti
  • White Seraya
  • White Meranti
  • Selangan-Batu
  • Obar Suluk
  • Merpauh
  • Merbau
  • Mengkulang
  • Majau
  • Keruing
  • Kempas
  • Jelutong
  • Kulim
  • Kapur